Workshop of the World

The West Midlands was a centre for industry during the 19th century, leading the world in industrial design and innovation. As a result, the region was dubbed the 'Workshop of the World'.
You can explore why the region earned this title for yourself through the collections of West Midlands' museums and so discover some of the region's most fascinating innovations.

How to use Workshop of the World
A window will open with a picture of your chosen item and some interesting facts about it. To the right you will see a 'Connections' panel containing a row of numbers. Roll-over a number to read about a related innovation, and click on the 'Explore this connection' button at the bottom of the panel to find out more.
You can visit any of the items on the map directly by clicking on the relevant icon. To revisit an item, click on its thumbnail in the 'History' bar at the bottom of your screen.
To begin your journey, click on 'Start Here' in the 'Connections' panel...